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Larkin Valley Ranch

Grass-Fed Beef and Lamb

There are people who make a living off ranching.

And then there are people for whom ranching is a lifestyle.

"Ranching is a Lifestyle"

Our Story

There are people who make a living off ranching. And then there are people for whom ranching is a lifestyle.

In operating this true pasture-to-package process, there’s lots to be done every minute of the day. Yet Jeff Larkin makes a point to slow down, be present with the animals, and tend to them with extraordinary care. Everything from the breeding to finish is designed to ensure a stress-free life. Jeff, along with his wife, Julie, put the wellbeing of their animals above any business motives. For these ranchers, producing healthy, genetically superior beef and lamb isn’t just good business sense and humane; it warms the heart and is the right thing to do.


And as for Larkin Valley Ranch customers? Whether ordering USDA-certified ground beef or specialty cuts, they tend to be the kind who don’t just appreciate superior, grass-fed meat but understand the value behind an animal that has lived a vibrant, productive life. The cattle and sheep at this ranch roam and feed amid the natural Central Oregon environment. They are free of antibiotics, steroids and growth hormones. In their most natural state, these herds thrive best.

Larkin Valley Ranch has become a local legacy in its industry, well known for sustaining its tradition of high-quality cattle and sheep. In 1946, Frank Larkin established the business in California. Then his son, Dean Larkin, moved it to Central Oregon in 1970, where it grew to span hundreds of acres throughout Central Oregon’s forest service and privately leased lands. 

Dean’s son, Jeff, was born into the ranching lifestyle. Alongside his dad, he learned the ropes and shared the passion, eventually embracing full ownership and taking over the brand, 3/L. Sharing this family honor along with his wife and their two children, he carries on the ranching tradition today while also operating both Jeff Larkin Realty and his niche ranch-construction business. Through Jeff’s unique vision, Larkin Valley Ranch has become well known for its small-scale, high-impact herds of Dorset Romney Cross Lamb and both Angus and Angus Cross Cattle, breeds known for their marbling, tender texture and robust, rich-tasting flavor.


The ranch and those who have worked it have also become known for their kindness, commitment to community, and passion for nurturing relationships. Larkin Valley Ranch gives back in many ways, from mentoring rising-star ranch hands to contributing time, treasure and talent to various public and nonprofit organizations, including 4H, Future Farmers of America, veterans programs, local sports teams, Friends of the Children and more. For the Larkins, this giving back feels good and, in addition to carrying on the ranching tradition, honors the Larkin family legacy and all the blessings that have come from it.


Larkin Valley Ranch is proud to serve customers throughout Central Oregon. For custom meat and door-to-door deliveries, please contact the ranch directly, or look for Jeff and Julie at local farmers’ markets (Northwest Crossing and Redmond) in the summer. You may purchase quarter halves and wholes, plus individual packages year-round.


Please note, all meat packaged and sold is USDA-certified. Also, in light of the recent pandemic, Larkin Valley Ranch practices increased safety measures for all meat orders and deliveries.

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